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Few know this little haven is here, let alone how to reach it. But navigate your way through Highland Park, up Mt. Washington and down the long driveway, and you’ll find yourself in a maze of impeccably tended gardens, shaded and serene….Visitors today are invited to come for meditation and reflection.

— Los Angeles Times

Accessed through narrow, winding roads ascending the mountain, the journey itself feels like a pilgrimage. This beautifully landscaped, tranquil oasis overlooking the sprawling city below feels remarkably remote and instantly calm….There is a very special quality of tranquility at the [SRF] Mother Center, an extraordinary, palpable presence of peace.

— Carol Sutherland, PhD

The Whole Person

I simply appreciated what [Self-Realization Fellowship’s] presence added to Mt. Washington. They're quiet and respectful of their neighbors. They keep their grounds immaculate. I love the fact that they open their gardens to the rest of us for meditation or simply a walk to enjoy the incredible view and the gorgeous grounds.

— B.J. Gallagher, Author

The Huffington Post

SRF_LA Times_Horiz.png

Something special happens when you walk through the gates of the Self-Realization Fellowship’s international headquarters….The breeze feels more gentle, the sky looks more blue, and the immaculate flower beds glow with a unique intensity. Take a seat by the koi pond, or the outdoor ‘temple of leaves,’ and join other visitors in silent meditation.

— Los Angeles Times


The headquarters, also known as the “Mother Center,” boast beautiful meditation grounds that radiate peace and serenity.

— Atlas Obscura

There at the top of the mountain, on a residential street of uncommon flowering beauty, were the gates to a whole other world.


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